Health and Aged Care Agencies and Operators

With years of experience in delivering quality accounting solutions to hospitals, residential aged care and health care centres, the AASB team has gained a reputation for effectiveness, efficiency and integrity. Just ask our clients!

Our professional team are expert in the unique requirements of this challenging area of financial management. Our service includes preparation of financial reports, and presentation to regulatory and governance bodies within the statewide health system, as part of a full professional accounting and audit solution.

AASB also works to assist management in the implementation and management of a risk management framework, with assurance that appropriate internal control measures are in place.

AASB offers specialist advice to Hospitals and aged care services providers.
  • AASB cares

    We strive to add value by providing a range of expert financial and business services that enable our health and care services clients to achieve their goals and serve communities.

    • AASB caring for our health services clients
    • AASB expert financial services to Hospitals
    • Partnering with Residential Aged Care providers.
  • Accounting solutions to hospitals, residential aged care and health centres
  • Partners in Health

    We also provide sound, logical and well researched audit and business finance advice for private residential aged care and health care agencies.

Systems Interogation

As a partner in the business success of many of our regions hospitals and health services, we implement the statewide accounting package and integrating it into the processes and procedures of each individual unit. We provide any necessary change management and training for hospital staff and ensure a smooth transition to all new systems.

Business Consultancy

Functioning as the principal Financial Accountant for many regional health agencies, and participating as a member of the management team, AASB is involved in consulting on a range of business and organisational matters. With vast experience in all areas of business management, we offer agencies and private operators operational and organisational improvements.

Taxation Services

The team of Accounting & Audit Solutions Bendigo also provides a range of Taxation Consulting and Advice services to agencies that have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) or Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status. Additional specialty services are provided for clients with Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) liabilities.

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Meet Accounting and Audit Solution Partners: Steven Jackel, David Pell and Andrew Arundell. Each partner leads a highly motivated team dedicated to client care and the provision of accountancy and business advisory services.

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