Sporting Clubs, Gaming and Hospitality Industries

With extensive experience in all areas of sporting club, hospitality, gaming and licensed venue business management to draw on, we have developed a reputation as a choice financial service provider to bring about operational and organisational improvements in these industries.

AASB also works to assist management in the implementation and management of a risk management framework, with assurance that appropriate internal control measures are in place.

Providing comprehensive reporting on financial performance, our qualified accountants are in a position to help with systems and procedures aimed at achieving organisational objectives.

AASB offers specialist advice to Clubs, Gaming Venues and Hospitality industries.
  • Club expertise

    Premiere Victorian accountancy providing a full range of external and internal professional services to sporting clubs, gaming and hospitality venues.

    • AASB specialist accounting for Victorian Hospitality Industry.
    • Specialist accountants for registered sporting clubs.
    • AASB expert financial audit for Gaming Venues.
    • Preferred accountants for Victorian Clubs and Associations.
    • AASB accountants of Victorian small business.
    • Risk Management consultants for Victorian Sporting Clubs.
    • AASB accountants of Victorian small business.
  • Excellence in Victorian Gaming Venue Audit and Compliance.
  • Team results

    “Working onsite with clients allows you to see their business in operation and avoids chasing information” - Steve Jackel, AASB.

Investigative Forensic Accounting

Fraud and other illegal activities can be very costly to all types of business and public entities. AASB professional staff can provide external, independent assistance in reviewing your fraud control framework, developing your fraud risk profile, appropriate responsibility structures and fraud reporting systems. A fraud control framework serves to raise awareness of, and therefore minimise, the consequences of fraudulent or corrupt behavior.

Financial Risk Management

AASB can provide solutions to assist Management in the implementation and management of a risk management framework, with assurance that appropriate internal control measures are in place. Risk management services include: risk surverys and interviews to identify and assess significant financial risks, identification and documentation of mitigating controls and actions, facilitation of workshops, risk monitoring and management framework and approach.

Special Review Processes

A thorough review of your internal business processes, controls and accounting practices, improves financial management. A performance audit will evaluate efficiency, economy and effectiveness of operating activities in relation to the goals of the business. A specialized review of purchasing and payments, stock usage and control, cash handling and control, or employee scheduling and management will achieve immediate benefits for any client.

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