Care, Clubs and Community

Care, Clubs and Community (AASB Blog)

AASB identified key partners in the Health and Care Services Provider Industries and the Registered Clubs of Victoria. These entities and agencies must operate as competitive and sustainable businesses, but their service models depend on the provision of care, the inclusiveness and support of a club and the engagement with community.

"Strategy can be as much about collaboration as it is competition. These ideas change business quite profoundly becuase they mean the traditional predacious strategy actually doesn't apply anymore." - Phillip Evens, BCG.
Collaboration is the heart of the Accounting & Audit Solutions Bendigo (AASB) core business strategy. Functioning as the principal Financial Accountant for many regional health agencies, and participating as a member of the management team for example, AASB is involved in consulting on a range of business and organisational matters. [ . . . ]

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